Flood and Water Damage

Flood Damage Phoenix

Facing a Flood? 4 Things to Do Now

1. Stop The Water: Stop the flow of water by determining where the water is coming from. If unsure where the leak is coming from, locate and operate the main water shut-off valve. If you need help doing this step, follow instructions on how to Turn Off House Water.

2. Removing Items: Do your best in removing valuables, electronics and furniture from the area. Removing any cords connected to power-outlets.

3. Remove Water: Do your best to remove water by the use of towels, mops and even wet/dry vacuums.
*Important Note: Do NOT plug wet vac

4. Air The Area: Do your best to elimate the humid air caused by the water leak. Best options are to open windows and doors.

How to Turn Off House WaterWater damage can cause havoc, which is why the situation needs to be dealt quickly and decisively. Call Titan Restoration AZ to professionally deal with the emergency. We are fully equipped 24 hours to help homeowners mitigage water from the property. Our combined decades of experience and thousands of successful job completions is why we are the best solution to your flood/water damage emergency in Phoenix.

Drying Right & Drying Fast: Hidden water is very common when there are no signs of visible water. Under your floors, inside your walls and within your ceilings are areas that need to be professionally dried to prevent additional losses from taking place. If you had a recent water intrusion or facing one at this moment, don't take any chances and call Team Titan - #1 water damage Phoenix service.

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