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National Fire Protection Association statistics show that victims report a fire structure fire every 65 seconds. Once the alarm is heard, fire departments and emergency respondents respond as quickly as possible. After the smoke gets over, Titan Restoration AZ’s fire restoration services team comes to restore your structure. The restoration service is available any day, anytime; it is operational for 24 hours a day.

The initial 24-48 hours once the fire is known as recovery “golden hours”. An efficient emergency response unit promptly restores your facility and ensures they have recovered lots of property. Smoke and soot created when fires is quenched speeds up the damage of a building and its important assets. Moreover, these fires are mostly extinguished using water or chemicals that are dry. The poisonous smoke odor produced by quenching the fire must be eliminated; it has some negative impacts as mentioned below.

Effects of Soot and Smoke

Phoenix Fire Damage When fire consumes a material, smoke is produced and sticks to any surface it finds, e.g. electronics, fabrics, furniture and walls together with the ceiling. Conventional cleaning may assist in eliminating any visible dirt, but smoke that penetrates into crevices and cracks is impossible to remove.

Moreover, the smoke can erode surfaces gradually thereby initiating more destruction over time. Smoke odor sticks around for long, it’s very much poisonous and can cause illness or irritation to both human beings and pets in your house. Exposure to water corrodes metals over time leading to rust. Fires accelerate corrosion and rusting due to smoke, and this may lead to the falling off of a structure posing a danger to its residents. Apart from falling on the inhabitants, there is also the risk of tetanus from accidentally scratching themselves on rusted metal.

Phoenix Fire Damage Restoration

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Appliances will also be affected. The smoke goes through them and destroys sensitive parts. Wooden components too can suffer smoke damage long after a fire has been extinguished. Chemicals that the fire departments use in firefighting are also retained long enough to cause skin inflammation, respiratory ailments and other health-related problems.

Soot is mainly composed of impure carbon molecules that result from the partial burning of hydrocarbon substances. This polluted carbon also poses a high risk to human health if not properly cleaned up.